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Practice the Change with Inclusion Insights

While our solutions are intensive and effective, unlearning a lifetime of unconscious biases takes more than just a few days. Just as top-performing athletes practice to improve throughout their careers, evolving into a transformative leader requires discipline and daily work. 

Self-Directed Diversity and Inclusion Learning

Help your team continue on their path of personal growth. Our six-module series enables clients on their quest towards developing their skills and applying them at work. Participants access the digital learning platform remotely and move through the modules at their own pace. 

We’ve designed each module with material suited for every type of learner, including:

  • OVERVIEW: A one-slide summary of the module’s learning objectives or outcomes.
  • TELL: Video and audio content explanations.
  • DO: Interaction between you and the content.
  • LEARNING SUMMARY: A list of commitments or next steps to put learning into action. 

Module Contents

Each of the six modules contains valuable lessons for building a more diverse and inclusive workplace while simultaneously improving leadership skills.

  • Module 1: Sharing Your Learning — The lessons learned through WMFDP will become even more powerful when you can effectively share what you’ve learned.
  • Module 2: Insiders, Outsiders & You — By revealing where you personally fit into the Insider/Outsider concept, this module drives this lesson home. 
  • Module 3: Listening to Lead — Effective leaders are effective listeners first. Use this module to improve your listening skills.
  • Module 4: Seeing with New Eyes — Freeing yourself from the burdens of your unconscious biases requires an entirely new outlook. 
  • Module 5: Intervening for Inclusion — This module teaches you how to act as a truly transformational leader in your workplace.
  • Module 6: Building Inclusive Teams — Build a connected and inclusive team with these structures and tools.

The information contained in these modules builds on the work you’ll have already done with us. While our spaces are welcoming to the tough conversations surrounding diversity and inclusion, the real world is much less so.

After all, we’ve been trained since childhood to avoid talking about these uncomfortable topics out of a misdirected sense of politeness and decorum. Continuing that approach won’t work if we want to make real change.

Instead, it will take practice to retrain our brains to view the world differently. This online platform offers the regular refreshers you’ll need to make that happen. 

Things Will Get Better

Here’s the good news: All of this hard work will pay off. By sharpening these new tools, work teams and key leaders will become more effective, successful and inspiring. In the process, they’ll begin transforming organizations by surfacing new ideas and leaders who’ve been held back for too long. This learning represents an investment that will pay dividends in careers, workplaces and communities.

“I recommend working with WMFDP to accelerate D&I work.”